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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

New Position Announcement!
The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is seeking a tenure-track analytical chemist. Details can be found under the jobs link to the left.

New Position Announcement!
An analytical/food/agricultural scientist is being sought to use near infrared spectrophotometry to identify and quantitate components of fryer oils used in commercial potato processing. To see full job posting and application instructions go to:

New Course Announcement!
CHEM 497/597 & MSE 497/597, Fall 2014
Selected Topics in Chemistry/Materials Science:
“Particles for Nanotechnology”
Instructor: Dr. Kevin Ausman, SCNC 309, 208-426-3476,
Time and Location: Tuesday/Thursday 1:30 – 2:45 PM, Engineering Building Room 313.
Course Objective: Most near-term applications of nanotechnology rely on the development, manipulation, and utilization of nanometer-scale particulates. This course follows a pair of model nanoparticles, quantum dots and carbon nanotubes, from synthesis to application and beyond, exploring the multi-disciplinary considerations necessary to develop and use these unique materials.
Prerequisites: CHEM 112 and PHYS 212 and concurrent enrollment in CHEM 307, ENGR 245, or PHYS 309. Or consent of instructor.
Text: The extensive readings for this course will be taken directly from the primary literature and from review articles. A list of the specific articles to be read will be provided at the beginning of the class. All articles should be available online through the BSU library website.
Topics to be Covered (focusing on quantum dots and carbon nanotubes, covering both experimental and theoretical aspects):
• Experimental tools
• Synthesis
• Purification
• Scale-up
• Properties and characterization (optical, mechanical, electronic, thermal, etc.)
• Chemical modification
• Physical and supramolecular manipulation
• Materials applications
• Biological applications
• Electronic applications
• Health and environmental impacts
• Societal impacts (public perception, commercialization, public policy, etc.)
• Participation in class discussions concerning assigned readings will be required.
• Students will write a review paper on a chosen nanoparticle system (other than the two directly studied in the class) that covers its basic science and applications. Instruction and practice in writing and peer-reviewing scientific papers will be provided.
• A final exam will require the students to critically analyze a recent paper in light of the body of literature discussed in the class.


The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is seeking a Post-doctoral Research Scientist.  Details about the job can be viewed on the Human Resources website, found here.


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