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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Alumni Phillip Hammer (2015) recently presented research on “The Dissolution and Electrochemical Reduction of Actinide Series Metals in Ionic Liquids” at the 19th annual Council of Undergraduate’s Research symposium presented on Capitol Hill. The Council of Undergraduate’s Research (CUR) is a group assisted by the American Chemical Society for the pursuit of and continued funding for STEM educations and the importance of undergraduate’s research projects. While in D.C., Phillip spoke with Senator Risch of Idaho and two staff members for both the senators of Idaho.  While there, Phillip managed to gather Sen. Risch’s support for STEM education, allowing CUR to continue seeking his support for policy regarding this issue.

Departmental Awards for the 2014-2015 Academic Year

Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award – LJ McKenzie
Award for Excellence in Organic Chemistry – Lauren Hosek
Award for Excellence in Biochemistry – Sam Wolfe
Award for Excellence in Inorganic Chemistry – Leanna Brown
Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry – Veronica Wensman

BSU Dept. of Chemistry Undergraduate Summer Fellowship – Chris Radford, Kiyo Fujimoto
BSU Dept. of Chemistry Summer Graduate Research Fellowship – Daniel Shin, Phil Moon

Chemistry Club Officers
2014-2015 Officers – Leanna Brown (Pres), Ally Isnor (VP), Kody Bensinger (Tres), Carson Kidwell (Sec)
2015-2016 Officers – Ally Isnor (Pres), Kevin Shumard (VP), Jordan Orien (Tres), Steve Nick (Sec)

Departmental Scholarship Recipients for the 2015-2016 Academic Year
Chris Radford,  Kiyo Fujimoto,  Lillian Volz, Sam Wolfe,  Sarah Rehn,  Veronika Culina, Brandon Stevenson, Dalton Compton,  Dannie Makar, James Parrish,  Jenny Fothergill, Samantha Walker, Alex Sessa,  Aspen Eckert,  Hannah Williams, Jo Williams,  Nicholas Lopez,  Rebecca Boone, Tyler Young,  Steve Nick,  Dru Tolentino,
Merlin Bope Miongolo

Department of Chemistry Graduating Seniors –
Kody Bensinger,  Leanna Brown,  India Byars, Shad Corbin,  Scotia Gonzales,  Nhu Lam, Courtney Petry,  Tobi Sanya,  Israel Shebley,
Phillip Hammer, Linda Connor

BSU Department of Chemistry Outstanding Graduating Senior (Merck Award) – Leanna Brown




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