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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Employment Opportunities!

The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry is seeking a one-year temporary benefit-eligible Lecturer to start August 2016. Visit Boise State HRS Faculty Careers for more information:

The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry is seeking a full-time Lab Teacher to start August 2016. Visit Boise State HRS Administrative & Professional Careers for more information:

2015-2016 Student Achievement Awards

Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award: Kenneth Coward, Austin Mello, Justin Nelson, Sadie Ranck, Laura Van Duker
Award for Excellence in Organic Chemistry: Austin Snyder
Award for Excellence in Biochemistry: Jessica Roberts
Award for Excellence in Physical Chemistry: Jenny Fothergill
Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry: Joshua Pridey
BSU Analyst Certification: Joshua Pridey, Veronica Wiseman, Christina Lee
BSU Dept. of Chemistry Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowships: Kynna Bertagnolli and Brandon Stevenson
BSU Dept. of Chemistry Graduate Summer Research Fellowships: Thaaer Muhammed and Hanna Meinikheim
Graduating Seniors: Keanan Cassidy, Sarah Rehn, Roberto Cruz Romero, Jacob Smith, Kiyo Fujimoto, Billal Sultani, Savannah Irving, Lillian Volz, Chris Radford, Levi Mitchell
Outstanding Graduating Senior (Merck): Sarah Rehn
Out-going Chem Club Officers: President Alexandra Isnor, Vice President Kevin Shumard, Treasurer Jordan Orien, Secretary Steve Nick
In-coming Chem Club Officers:  President Steve Nick, Vice President Jo Williams, Treasurer Alex Sessa
Departmental Scholarship Recipients for 2016-2017: Bri Durham, Jenny Fothergill, Tristan Olsen, Jo Williams, Alex Sessa, Sierra Etzler, Michael Black, Heather Black, Zoe Anderson, Sammy Walker, Andy Bogard, Bradley Lopes, Adam Thompson, Lukas Little, Steve Nick, Joseph Jenkins, Christopher Bonner, Kynna Bertagnolli, Alex Bravo, Gabrielle Donalson, Eric Read

Student Spotlight

Sarah Rehn, Top Ten Scholars, studio portrait

Photo Credit: Boise State Photo Services

Boise State University undergraduate student and chemistry major Sarah Rehn has been awarded a highly-competitive National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (NSFGRF). The NSFGRF is a three-year research fellowship with an increased stipend to help with cost of living. “The NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program recognizes and supports outstanding graduate students in NSF-supported science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines who are pursuing research-based master’s and doctoral degrees at accredited United States institutions” ( As an undergraduate student in a STEM discipline this is a great honor for Sarah!

Sarah, who is self-admittedly a science geek, has always wanted to be a scientist and an NSF fellowship will open doors to many career choices. Sarah’s current research is focused on detecting molecular markers of diseases, and she hopes to develop a “modular method” to detect a variety of diseases using antibodies, proteins, DNA, etc. She thinks biomaterials has “great potential to be a game-changer in the future.”

When Sarah isn’t hard at work in the lab you can find her reading, practicing her new rock-climbing skills, enjoying the tastiest Mexican burrito she can find, or volunteering to recruit undergrads for Boise State University’s Honors College and high school students from rural communities for Barbara Morgan’s ISAS program.

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Boise State University congratulates Sarah on her outstanding achievement, and wishes her much success in the future!

Check This Out!

destiller recylcer_editedEconomic and eco-friendly solutions are the best when they are one and the same.  The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry recently purchased a solvent recycling machine that uses distillation to reclaim and reuse expensive solvents while reducing the amount of waste from research and academic activities.  This new machine will also be used as a resource for the university!  Engineering student Tyler Dale creates 3D printed models that have to be washed with isopropanol, which genedale kathleen israel_destiller recycler_editedrates waste that the new machine can reclaim.  Stockroom Material Supervisors Kathleen Huguet and Israel Shebley state that the amount of waste can be reduced by up to 90% in such cases, returning the isopropanol to use and avoiding excessive purchase costs. University EHS is also partnering with the department to seek other waste reduction benefits across campus. (Pictured left to right: Tyler Dale, Kathleen Huguet, Israel Shebley)


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