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Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

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We are seeking applicants for a full-time Lab Teacher. Lab Teacher Job Posting.

Department News Highlights:

Don Warner, Cheryl Jorcyk, Matt KingDrs. Don Warner, Matt King, and Cheryl Jorcyk have been awarded a $200,000 METAvivor grant to develop a potential therapeutic for advanced breast cancer metastasis to bone. Read more about this team’s breast cancer research here.

Congratulations to our Spring 2018 Graduating Class: (Back row) Hannah Davis, Kim Campbell, Micah Buckmiller, Chris Bonner, Ibrahem Hassan, Jordan Orien, Wyatt Meyers, Alex Sessa; (Front row) Kynna Bertagnolli, Areli Castro, Christina Lee, Vannessa Campfield, Creed Feigt, Matt Lawson, Tristan Olsen, Jason Rosecast; (Not pictured) Heather Black, Christopher Gale

Graduating Class of Spring 2018

Maranda Cantrell & Ashley PoppeMaranda Cantrell and Ashley Poppe were recognized at the 2018 Boise State Graduate Student Showcase. Maranda received the College of Arts and Sciences Award and Ashley received the Division of Research and Economic Development Scholar Award. Read more about Maranda and Ashley here.

Karen HammondKaren Hammond, Manager, Student Support, won the Boise State 2017-2018 Professional Staff of the Year Award! Karen was nominated by numerous colleagues across the university for her hard work and dedication to students, and was honored at a luncheon sponsored by the Boise State Professional Staff Association. The award recognizes an outstanding Professional Staff member who best exemplifies service to the university and the community.

Congratulations to our 2017-2018 Student Academic Award Winners! The complete list of student award winners can be viewed here.

Publication illustration

Photo copyright: BMC Bioinformatics

Drs. Matthew King and Owen McDougal have a new publication out in BMC Informatics. Their research involves testing small molecule drugs for new uses by using specialized software to help theoretically “screen” molecules that can be used for a variety of therapeutic applications. Read more about King’s and McDougal’s research here.

Campus Awards Ceremony Group PhotoThe 2018 Campus Award recipients were honored at a ceremony hosted by the Boise State Student Involvement and Leadership Center. Dr. Henry Charlier (pictured far right) received the David S. Taylor Service to Students Award, and chemistry major Micah Buckmiller (pictured second from the right) received the Spirit of Boise State Award. Read more about the campus award recipients here.

Eric Brown & Joseph DumiasDr. Eric Brown and Dr. Joseph Dumais have a new publication out in Polyhedron that outlines the discovery of a new ligand complex of zinc(II) that coordinates with nitrogen and sulfur. Read more about Dr. Brown’s and Dr. Dumais’ research here.