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Dr. Brown, Dr. Colson, and Alumni Published in Crystallographic Communications

Many life forms have evolved enzymes to help cut up molecular bonds that hold protein together during digestion. How exactly enzymes cut these protein peptide bonds is an area of study that is not well understood. Dr. Eric Brown and Dr. Adam Colson, along with graduate alumnus Josiah Elsberg and undergraduate alumnus Nicholas Spiropulos recently published research that examines the zinc containing active site of two enzymes that cleave long proteins. Their research paper, “Crystal structure of a homoleptic zinc(II) complex based on bis(3,5-diisopropylpyrazol-1-yl)acetate”, in Crystallographic Communications, August 2018 edition, examines the structures of the chemistry around the zinc active sites and how they participate in hydrolysis reactions of peptide amide bonds.

Elsberg, Spiropulos, Colson, & Brown

Josiah Elsberg, Nicholas Spiropulos, Adam Colson, Eric Brown


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