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Dr. Eric Brown and Dr. Joseph Dumais Published in Polyhedron

Eric Brown & Joseph Dumias

Eric Brown & Joseph Dumias

Dr. Eric Brown and Dr. Joseph Dumais recently published “Solution and solid-state characterization of Zn(II) complexes containing a new tridentate N2S ligand” in the June 1, 2018 edition of Polyhedron. Dr. Brown’s research team, which consists of Boise State Alumni Valerie Tran, Kate Allen, Christopher Aaron, NSF REU undergraduate student researcher Martin Chavez and Research Professor Dr. Joseph Dumais, seeks to unravel the mysteries of biochemical zinc. In this paper Brown’s team outlines the discovery of a new ligand complex of zinc(II) that coordinates with nitrogen and sulfur.

Dr. Brown and Dr. Dumais’ paper can be read in full here.

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