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Dr. Henry Charlier Receives the 2018 University Foundation Scholar Award for Service

Henry CharlierDr. Henry Charlier was honored with the 2018 University Foundation Scholar Award for service. This award is given to Boise State faculty who demonstrate ongoing commitment, expertise, and accomplishments in professionally related service.  Dr. Charlier is dedicated to being a STEM ambassador, at both Boise State University and in the Treasure Valley community. He has reached over 36,000 individuals, mostly elementary school-aged children, through his Dr. Picklestein persona, and has visited more than 250 locations locally to engage young scientists in STEM. He also helped found the Boise State IDoTeach program which helps STEM majors become certified to teach grade school science.  Dr. Charlier also actively participates in events such as Engineering Day, STEM Exploration Day, and STEM Academy.

Read more about Henry Charlier and the Boise State University Foundation Scholar Awards here.

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