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Chemistry Department News

Employee of the Month – April 2018

Nicole Cornell

Nicole Cornell

Manager, Chemistry Instructional Center

Nicole Cornell is outstanding as Manager of the Chemistry Instructional Center (CIC). Her constant smile, upbeat attitude, and enthusiasm radiate to students and colleagues alike.

Nicole exemplifies our department’s commitment to student success, and sets the bar high with respect to department participation, engagement, and involvement. She has been instrumental in making the CIC the place for students to go for help with chemistry courses, and has earned praise from across campus for her efforts. Nicole’s training and supervision of the exceptional group of tutors working in the CIC has improved the way we serve students, and is the principle reason for the success of the CIC. Nicole’s leadership has been significant in implementing discussion sections to support Chem 111 and 112. She scheduled and coordinated these pilot programs, and has the data to prove they are increasing student success.

In addition to her essential role in managing the CIC, Nicole is the advisor of the Boise State ACS Chemistry Club, where she helps them coordinate community outreach events. She directed the chemistry portion of the Science Olympiad, where she successfully obtained department-wide support for both the exam and lab components of the competition. She also plays an active role on the General Chemistry Curriculum Committee, as she is dedicated to seeing our program grow and improve, and is eager to do all she can to make that happen.

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