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Chemistry Department News

Employee of the Month – June 2018

Greg Kator

Greg Kator

Grants Accountant

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is proud to announce that Grants Accountant Greg Kator was selected as the June 2018 Employee of the Month! Greg’s duties require him to continuously and seamlessly liaison with several university departments including Biology, Physics, OSP, Budget, and Foundation in order to execute the department’s financial plan. His easygoing personality makes him a natural when working with a diverse group of personnel on complex financial transactions spanning multiple business units of the university.

Recently, Greg’s efforts were critical to the successful budget planning for three new Lab Instructor positions. His attention to detail is top notch, and he is especially attentive to student employee pay issues and funding sources for research students. Greg’s versatility was noted long ago and he was tasked to assist in a similar role for the Biology and Physics departments, where those departments have commended his efforts.

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry congratulates Greg on his selection as Employee of the Month!

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