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Chemistry Department News

Dr. Owen McDougal and Tyson Hardy Presented at Annual BUILD Dairy Conference

Professor Owen McDougal and undergraduate chemistry major Tyson Hardy presented their research at the annual BUILD Dairy conference hosted by Oregon State University from May 30 to 31. The conference brings together over 100 students, faculty, government, and industry representatives from every aspect of dairy production from farm to consumer product. BUILD Dairy now provides over $100,000 in sponsorship for two research projects in McDougal’s lab. Students Tyson Hardy and, recently admitted Chemistry Masters student, Vannessa Campfield are the first of the BUILD Dairy funded researchers at Boise State University. Their work will lead to fast, economical, and easily implemented analytical methods to monitor levels of denatured protein during milk processing, and identify inhibitors of propionibacteria in milk used to make Swiss cheese. The BUILD Dairy program funds student research, connects students to industry internships, and facilitates career opportunities for dairy knowledgeable applicants.

Owen McDougal

Tyson Hardy

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