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Chair’s Welcome Message

Boise State University Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Welcome to the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Boise State University. Our exceptional team of instructors is dedicated to promoting student success through excellence in chemistry. We are enthusiastically committed to providing outstanding research experiences for undergraduate students. Our growing and vibrant Master’s degree program provides students the opportunity to experience the joys of teaching general chemistry laboratories, refining research skills, and expanding knowledge required for competitive enrollment in Ph.D. programs or industrial employment. Our program is uniquely interdisciplinary and collaborative, with Biomolecular Sciences, Materials Science, and Computer Science Ph.D. candidates mentored by chemistry faculty.

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is well staffed with passionate and effective chemistry instructors for coursework and academic laboratories. Our enthusiastic team of exceptional laboratory service coordinators, managers, and office staff provide an educational learning platform that is inviting and collaborative. We are proud of our drop-in tutoring center and modern computer lab, both immensely popular with students. Our commitment to establish a collegial, inclusive, innovative, and intellectually stimulating environment is foundational to everything we do, and provides a tangible, optimistic atmosphere for students to become life-long learners. I invite you to explore our website and talk to members of our team to discover the wonderful ways that chemistry impacts your everyday life. To learn more about us and what we do, visit us at, email us at, or call us at 208-426-3000.

Owen McDougal

Owen M. McDougal
Chair, Professor