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Teaching Interests

Teaching Philosophy

I believe that students need to take responsibility for their own learning and my role is to be more of a learning coach than a lecturer. I try to provide opportunities for students to experience the material rather than to simply hear a lecture and memorize material. In my experience as a teacher and a student, I have found that if I haven’t developed an understanding of the fundamentals, I never learned the material and have forgotten it. My other belief is that one should work hard and play hard. I always try to build fun into the classroom, while at the same time I work hard to challenge each student and help them to achieve goals that they may not have thought possible.

Courses Taught

Undergraduate Offerings

CHEM 111 – College Chemistry I
CHEM 112 – College Chemistry II
CHEM 431 – Biochemistry I
CHEM 432 – Biochemistry Laboratory
CHEM 433 – Biochemistry II
CHEM 286/386 – Seminar
CHEM 498 – Senior Seminar

Graduate Offerings

CHEM 500 – Introduction to Chemical Research
BIOCHEM 510 – Advanced Protein Chemistry
BIOCHEM 512 – Intermediary Metabolism
CHEM 597 – Special Topics – Enzyme Kinetics