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Chemistry Department News

Ashley Poppe and Maranda Cantrell Recognized at Graduate Student Showcase

Maranda Cantrell & Ashley Poppe

Maranda Cantrell (left) and Ashley Poppe (right) were winners at the 2018 Boise State Graduate Student Showcase. Maranda, a student in the Boise State Biomolecular Sciences Ph.D. Program, received the College of Arts and Sciences Award for her poster titled “Organosulfide Components of Onions”. Ashley, a student in the Boise State M.S. Chemistry Program, received the Division of Research and Economic Development Scholar Award for her poster titled “Investigation of Acyl-Carrier Protein Specificity in Pseudomonas aeruginosa Quorum Sensing Signal Synthase”.

Read more about the Spring 2018 Graduate Student Showcase winners here. 

Employee of the Month – April 2018

Nicole Cornell

Nicole Cornell

Manager, Chemistry Instructional Center

Nicole Cornell is outstanding as Manager of the Chemistry Instructional Center (CIC). Her constant smile, upbeat attitude, and enthusiasm radiate to students and colleagues alike.

Nicole exemplifies our department’s commitment to student success, and sets the bar high with respect to department participation, engagement, and involvement. She has been instrumental in making the CIC the place for students to go for help with chemistry courses, and has earned praise from across campus for her efforts. Nicole’s training and supervision of the exceptional group of tutors working in the CIC has improved the way we serve students, and is the principle reason for the success of the CIC. Nicole’s leadership has been significant in implementing discussion sections to support Chem 111 and 112. She scheduled and coordinated these pilot programs, and has the data to prove they are increasing student success.

In addition to her essential role in managing the CIC, Nicole is the advisor of the Boise State ACS Chemistry Club, where she helps them coordinate community outreach events. She directed the chemistry portion of the Science Olympiad, where she successfully obtained department-wide support for both the exam and lab components of the competition. She also plays an active role on the General Chemistry Curriculum Committee, as she is dedicated to seeing our program grow and improve, and is eager to do all she can to make that happen.

2017-2018 Student Academic Award Winners

Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award: Fernando Aguilar, Dalton Miller

Award for Excellence in Organic Chemistry: Colvin Greenberg

Award for Excellence in Biochemistry: Daniel Greiner

Award for Excellence in Physical Chemistry: Kim Farrar

Award for Excellence in Inorganic Chemistry: Chris Bonner

Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry: Alexandria Balzen

Boise State Analyst Certification: Alexandria Balzen

Boise State Department of Chemistry Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship: Zoe Anderson, Alexandria Balzen, Joey Tuccinardi

Boise State Department of Chemistry Graduate Summer Research Fellowship: Patrick Schwartz

Departmental Scholarship Recipients for the 2018-2019 Academic Year: Fernando Aguilar, Alexandria Balzen, Kim Farrar, Fabio Halla, Max Hillman, Crystal Lundgren, Maddi Nilson, Kolby Olney, Ryan Rau, Eric Read, Rebekah Rozowski, Jared Seale, Joy Sigurdson, Makenna Szolomayer, Rebecca Torres, Andrew Vizina, Jo Williams

Boise State Department of Chemistry Graduating Seniors: Kynna Bertagnoli, Heather Black, Chris Bonner, Micah Buckmiller, Kim Campbell, Vannessa Campfield Areli Castro, Hannah Davis, Creed Feigt, Christopher Gale, Ibrahem Hassan, Matt Lawson, Christina Lee, Wyatt Meyers, Tristan Olsen, Jordian Orien, Jason Rosecast, Alex Sessa

Boise State Department of Chemistry Outstanding Graduating Senior: Micah Buckmiller

Outgoing Chemistry Club Officers: Wyatt Meyers (President), Makenna Szolomayer (Vice President), Nick Lopez (Secretary), Madilyn Paul (Treasurer), Kynna Bertagnolli (Representative)

Incoming Chemistry Club Officers: Makenna Szolomayer (President), Nick Lopez (Vice President), Rebecca Torres (Secretary/Treasurer), Elena Paz Munoz (Representative)

Dr. Henry Charlier Receives the 2018 University Foundation Scholar Award for Service

Henry CharlierDr. Henry Charlier was honored with the 2018 University Foundation Scholar Award for service. This award is given to Boise State faculty who demonstrate ongoing commitment, expertise, and accomplishments in professionally related service.  Dr. Charlier is dedicated to being a STEM ambassador, at both Boise State University and in the Treasure Valley community. He has reached over 36,000 individuals, mostly elementary school-aged children, through his Dr. Picklestein persona, and has visited more than 250 locations locally to engage young scientists in STEM. He also helped found the Boise State IDoTeach program which helps STEM majors become certified to teach grade school science.  Dr. Charlier also actively participates in events such as Engineering Day, STEM Exploration Day, and STEM Academy.

Read more about Henry Charlier and the Boise State University Foundation Scholar Awards here.

Karen Hammond Named Professional Staff of the Year

Karen Hammond

Karen Hammond, Manager, Student Support, won the Boise State 2017-2018 Professional Staff of the Year Award! Karen was nominated by numerous colleagues across the university for her hard work and dedication to students, and was honored at a luncheon sponsored by the Boise State Professional Staff Association. The award recognizes an outstanding Professional Staff member who best exemplifies service to the university and the community. Read more about Karen’s Professional Staff of the Year award here.

Micah Buckmiller Receives Boise State 2018 Campus Award

Campus Awards Ceremony Group Photo

The Boise State 2018 Campus Award recipients were honored at a ceremony hosted by the Boise State Student Involvement and Leadership Center on April 19.

Chemistry major Micah Buckmiller (pictured second from the right) received the Spirit of Boise State Award. This award recognizes students who work hard and seek to learn; do their own research; generate new knowledge; and touch lives by serving the community, all of which exemplify the true spirit and values of Boise State University.

Read more about the Boise State 2018 Campus Award Winners here.

Dr. Henry Charlier Receives Boise State University 2018 Campus Award

Campus Awards Ceremony Group Photo

The Boise State 2018 Campus Award recipients were honored at a ceremony hosted by the Boise State Student Involvement and Leadership Center on April 19.

Dr. Henry Charlier (pictured far right) received the David S. Taylor Service to Students Award. This award recognizes an outstanding faculty or staff member who is committed to impacting the lives of students; extends student learning beyond the classroom; inspires students to see possibilities; and seeks innovative ways to serve students in the 21st century.

Read more about the Boise State 2018 Campus Award Winners here.

Drs. Matthew King and Owen McDougal Published in BMC Bioinformatics

Publication illustrationDrs. Matthew King and Owen McDougal of the Boise State Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry are testing small molecule drugs for new uses by using specialized software to help theoretically “screen” molecules that can be used for a variety of therapeutic applications. Their research paper, “SPIDR: small-molecule peptide-influenced drug repurposing” appears in the vol. 19, 2018 edition of BMC Bioinformatics.

Dr. Eric Brown and Dr. Joseph Dumais Published in Polyhedron

Eric Brown & Joseph Dumias

Eric Brown & Joseph Dumias

Dr. Eric Brown and Dr. Joseph Dumais recently published “Solution and solid-state characterization of Zn(II) complexes containing a new tridentate N2S ligand” in the June 1, 2018 edition of Polyhedron. Dr. Brown’s research team, which consists of Boise State Alumni Valerie Tran, Kate Allen, Christopher Aaron, NSF REU undergraduate student researcher Martin Chavez and Research Professor Dr. Joseph Dumais, seeks to unravel the mysteries of biochemical zinc. In this paper Brown’s team outlines the discovery of a new ligand complex of zinc(II) that coordinates with nitrogen and sulfur.

Dr. Brown and Dr. Dumais’ paper can be read in full here.

Micah Buckmiller Named 2018 Top Ten Scholar

Micah Buckmiller

Micah Buckmiller, a chemistry major with an emphasis in biochemistry, has been selected as a 2018 Top Ten Scholar! This recognition is given by the Boise State Alumni Association to students who achieve exceptional academic success. To qualify for the Top Ten, a student must have a 3.8+ GPA and are reviewed based on coursework, research, creative works and publications, presentations at professional meetings or conferences, and extracurricular community and campus service.

Read more about Micah and the 2018 Top Ten Scholars here.