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Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

Emphasis choices:

  • The Professional Emphasis is certified by the American Chemical Society and offers a comprehensive preparation in all sub-disciplines of chemistry.
  • The Biochemistry Emphasis options prepare students for careers and further study at the interface of chemistry and biology. One of the biochemistry emphases is certified by the American Chemical Society.  The biochemistry emphases include the standard courses required for application to professional schools such as medical, dental and pharmacy schools.
  • The Forensics Emphasis combines a set of foundational chemistry classes with courses in other areas to prepare students for work in the specialized field of forensics.
  • The Secondary Education Emphasis prepares and certifies students to teach the next generation of scientists at the high school level.

Minor in Chemistry

  • Many majors outside of Chemistry require enough Chemistry that a Chemistry minor can be obtained with only another class or two.

Minor in Chemistry Teaching Endorsement

  • Chemistry Minor Certification Endorsement is a way of expanding your teaching credentials to include Chemistry.
  • Interested in teaching chemistry? Check out the IDoTeach program at Boise State University.

Boise State University also offers a Master of Science degree in Chemistry; see the Boise State Chemistry Graduate Program page for more details.