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Graduate Degree Requirements

Coursework Requirements

The Master of Science in Chemistry degree requires completion of a minimum of 30 credits, including five lecture courses from at least three of the five chemical sub-disciplines (analytical, biochemistry, inorganic, organic and physical) as well as 9 credits of thesis work.

Please consult the graduate catalog ( and the table below for more information and course descriptions.

Thesis Research

Each student will complete at least 9 credits of CHEM 593 (Thesis Research) under the direction of a thesis advisor and a supervisory committee. The thesis advisor is selected following short lab rotations conducted at the very beginning of the student’s first semester. The supervisory committee will consist of at least three members: the student’s major professor (a Boise State University Dept. of Chemistry & Biochemistry faculty member) and two other members from the Boise State University faculty or other institutions. Please refer to “Graduate Research Opportunities” for information on potential research advisors.

When Rajesh Nagarajan, NIH Grant, Allison Corona photoa student has completed 9 credits of course work and one semester of thesis work (typically at the end of their first year), he/she must meet with their supervisory committee for a thesis proposal examination to assess the student’s progress to date and discuss the student’s planned thesis work. At the end of the thesis work, the student will write a thesis based on his/her research and orally defend it to their supervisory committee.

Master of Science in Chemistry Program Requirements

Course DesignationCourse Number and Title (Graduate Course Listing)Credits
Core CoursesChem 500 Research Methods in Chemistry & Biochemistry1
One course each from three different subdisciplines of Chemistry as approved by the Graduate Program Coordinator9
Chem 598 Seminar (each semester of program)4
Elective CoursesAdditional coursework from the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry3
Any 500 or 600 Science, Math, or Engineering electives approved by the supervisory committee 3
Preliminary ExaminationChem 688 Thesis Proposal Defense1
Culminating ActivityChem 593 Thesis9