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Program Testimonials

What attracted you to the M.S. Chemistry Program at Boise State University?

Savannah Irving“Well, having graduated from Boise State, I had the pleasure of getting to know several faculty members during my undergraduate years. The faculty and staff here in the Chemistry Department truly want to see you succeed, they care about each student, and they go above and beyond to help their students; all the while, they are deeply immersed in their own research projects that have large impacts. Overall, I chose this program because of the support from the faculty, as well as the actual research they are pursuing.Savannah Irving, program year two

How did you develop as a scholar, critical thinker, or chemist in the M.S. Program at Boise State?

Phillip Hammer“I am extremely happy with my choice to earn a Master of Science in Chemistry at Boise State University. I’ve learned so much from my coursework, performing research in the lab, practicing and giving seminars, listening to and learning from my research adviser (Prof. Callahan), and writing and defending my thesis. The skills I developed in the M.S. program have greatly aided my transition to a Ph.D. program and have contributed to my success in my new program.”Phillip Hammer, 2016-2017 NASA Earth and Space Science Fellow, Program Graduate 2017

How did you develop as a scholar, critical thinker, or chemist in the M.S. Program at Boise State?

Reece Knippel“The M.S. program taught me how to manage my time between classes, research, and teaching. Having this ability greatly helped me succeed in my early years of my Ph.D. program. Having the bench experience also boosted my progress, during my first year rotations at Vanderbilt I was able to jump right into my assigned project with little difficulty. Lastly, having the knowledge that science often doesn’t work how you initially thought or even at all, provided resilience and adaptability that I was able to bring to my studies in my current program.”Reece Knippel, Program Graduate 2013

What Is Something About Your Graduate Experience In Our Program That You Will Remember Most?

“I rePhil Moonally enjoyed my experience teaching undergraduate labs. I didn’t have the same opportunity as an undergraduate, but my TA assistantship in the MS program gave me the opportunity to find out just how much I liked teaching. I enjoyed getting to know undergraduate students and helping them through their struggles with learning chemistry, which led me to discover that teaching is a rewarding experience. Without this opportunity in the MS program I never would have been exposed to teaching; it’s an experience I won’t forget.”Phil Moon, Program Graduate 2017