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Pictures of Idaho...Here are a few pictures that I have taken of the great outdoors in Idaho.

Organic Chemistry Tutorials...There are interactive reaction mechanism, synthesis, nomenclature tutorials and interactive multiple choice questions with explanations as to why the incorrect answers are wrong...working these multiple choice problems is a great way to study for the national American Chemical Society final exam in Organic Chemistry.

Inorganic Chemistry Tutorials…There are interactive nomenclature, electron-dot formula, balancing equation, bonding and hybridization, interactive multiple choice and mathematical chemistry problem tutorials for all first year chemistry courses.

Interactive Inorganic Chemistry Notes...This is an interactive online course suitable for a Preparation for Chemistry Course or a Concepts of Chemistry Course but it also can be very useful as a review for any chemistry course.

Chemistry Survival Skills...These suggestions can help with most science courses.

Spectroscopy Tutorials

Glassblowing...A nice blend of Art and Science

Link to Boise State University... Chemistry Department.


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