College Chemistry Multiple Choice Question Set 3

1. Which of the following is the correct electron-dot formula for water?
2. Which of the following is the correct electron-dot formula for carbon dioxide?
3. Which of the following represents the correct formula for aluminum oxide?
(a) AlO
(b) Al2O3
(c) AlO2
(d) Al2O
4. Which of the bonds, shown by the dash, has the greatest polarity?
(a) H-Cl
(b) H-NH2
(c) H-OH
(d) H-SH
5. What is the major attraction between water molecules in the solid physical state?
(a) dipole-dipole interactions
(b) electrostatic interactions between charged atoms
(c) hydrogen-bonds
(d) physical entanglement of the molecules
6. Which of the following is the correct name for NaHCO3?
(a) sodium hydrogen carbonate
(b) sodium acetate
(c) nitrogen hydrogen carbonate
(d) sodium hydrogen carbon trioxide
7. What is the formal charge of the oxygen atom of the following compound?

(a) +3
(b) +1
(c) -2
(d) -3
8. The molecule N2 is isoelectronic with...
(a) O2
(b) F2
(c) NO
(d) CN-
9. In which of the following compounds does ionic bonding predominate?
(a) NH4Cl
(b) CO2
(c) CH4
(d) LiBr
10. Which of the following molecules contains only one non-bonding pair of valence electrons?
(a) NH4+
(b) HCN
(c) C2H4
(d) N2
11. The following electron-dot formulas for carbon dioxide both satisfy the octet rule for all of the atoms. Which of these structures is the better structure and why is this the case?

(a) "A" is the better structure because there is no formal charge on any of the atoms.
(b) "A" is the better structure because all the bonds and non-bonding electron pairs are arranged in a symmetrical pattern.
(c) "B" is the better structure because there are opposite formal charges on the two oxygen atoms which attract each other and give the molecule a lower energy.
(d) "B" is the better structure because the bond energies of a single bond and a triple bond are higher than the bond energies of two double bonds.
12. Which of the following gases would be most soluble in water?
(a) N2
(b) NH3
(c) CH4
(d) CO2
13. Which of the following compounds should have the highest boiling point?
(a) NH3
(b) CH4
(c) H2O
(d) HF

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