Organic Chemistry Practice Multiple Choice Question Set 14

1. Which of the Fischer projections correctly depicts the following compound?

2. The following stereoisomers are related as...

(a) enantiomers.
(b) diastereomers.
(c) epimers.
(d) identical compounds.
3. Which of the following compounds exhibit optical activity?

4. Determine which of the carbon atoms in the following compounds are chiral. Every carbon atom is a clickable hot spot so you can get practice recognizing the chiral centers. If the carbon atom is chiral, you will then be asked to determine the "R" or "S" designation for that atom.

5. What is the major product of the following reaction?

(a) S-2-butanol
(b) R-2-butanol
(c) a racemic mixture of 2-butanol
(d) the hemiketal of 2-butanone and methanol...2-hydroxy-2-methoxybutane

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