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Pedagogical Philosophy

My teaching interests and experience are primarily focused on teaching all aspects of organic chemistry warner_art1to students through classes, research, and personal interaction. My understanding in organic chemistry has been solidified through exposure to a number of accomplished professors—I have been fortunate to experience the teaching of organic chemistry at four universities, each using a different approach. While an undergraduate student at the University of Utah, an effective introductory organic chemistry professor demonstrated the value of a well-organized lecture that was delivered in a clear and concise manner. As a teaching assistant at the University of Wisconsin, a professor illustrated that seemingly small things make a tremendous difference. In a class of over 100 students, she learned every person’s name. At the University of Michigan, group projects and presentations, both traditional and internet-based, were an integral part of organic chemistry courses. The overall effect of the various strategies is to make a traditionally overwhelming class seem manageable to students. Now, at Boise State University, I attempt to incorporate all of these ideas in order to make the class more invigorating while maintaining a high level of rigor, which in turn helps students master the subject.